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Treat Your Business like a Business

Sounds Easy, Treat Your Business like a Business! 

As a bookkeeper/office manager for 17 years in the Real Estate industry the biggest piece of advice I can give is treat your business like a business! Seen so many Salespeople open for business sometimes.

Sometimes work, get a paycheck sometimes, you are a some-timer. Work part-time, get a paycheck part-time, you are a part-timer. Working full time, get a paycheck full time- you are a working Salesperson.

Know what you’re willing to provide

What are your hours, when are you available to take/make calls, look at new listings, discover sales in your area or the areas where your clients are looking to sell/buy?

When you go to a store, you expect it to be open during the times they post on the door, on the internet, websites, newspaper ads. 

What about you?  Is it when you feel like it?  Is it when there’s nothing else to do?

This is your business! 

Do you want people to be frustrated with you and move on because you seem to never be opened for business?

Treat your business like a business.  Make sure when you are looking for a career in Real Estate that it’s really what you want.  The perks, you get to somewhat set up your hours, you can make an unlimited amount of money, you help people, you drive a nice car, you are in the public eye, people talk about you…

The perks can also be your downfall in this business

No set hours, no business, no money, no clients, can’t afford your car, your home, people can’t reach you.  Frustration for all and fast way to your business failure.

Many Sales People will get part-time to full time jobs to keep them sustained, putting half-hearted time into their business.

Here’s a thought.

If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else?

If you don’t put your all into your business, why would anyone want you as a Real Estate Salesperson?  

Do you want to get your teeth pulled by a sometimes Dentist?  Go to the Eye Doctor/Regular Doctor/Specialist for one who works somewhere else most of the time?  How about your Banker? Your handy-person?

Anyone you would hire, you would want to make sure that they are the best in their field.  Why wouldn’t you want to be that person for your Client(s) needs? Don’t you owe them that much?

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About the author

Jocelyne is a graduate from Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology with diplomas in both Business Administration Accounting Applied and Office Administration Executive. She is bilingual in both French and English. Jocelyne has worked in a few different industries in her career, however, the majority of her accounting/office administration career has been spent for 17 years in the Real Estate world as a Bookkeeper/Office Manager.

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