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Always Put Your Clients First

So you’ve decided to become a Realtor, always put your clients first! 

Here is a tip to help you along from the perspective of the Bookkeeper/Office Manager, always put your clients first! 

I’ve seen it all, from the highs of a great sale, to having many sales, to having nothing but broken deals, broken Salespeople.  There are fundamental things that you should do to keep your business new, solvent and exciting.

Focus on your Clients’ needs!  

What are they looking to do, upsize, downsize, first time at the real estate game?  No matter if it is a seasoned Vendor or Buyer or not, each transaction may be the biggest in their lives.  To you, it becomes a daily event. To them, this is stressful, exciting, scary even. Always remember, you are not selling them a pair of shoes, here.

Take the time to understand why they are selling, buying.  Understand their motivation in this process. Ask the questions to help you understand what they are looking for from you.

Do not get stuck on how much money you will make

When you take care of your clients first, the money will come. Funny thing, I’ve seen Salespeople focus on the money and what mostly happens because of it.  They are driven by how much they will make at the end of the transaction.

They are focused on it to the point where they don’t see the needs of their Clients.  Then, the worst thing happens to them, the deal falls apart. They moan and groan about their lost income, but yet, they don’t take the time to think about what their Clients are feeling.

By focusing on what is best for their Clients, a great Salesperson will continue to make things right and I have seen less deals fall apart.

Don’t let greed push you forward

A bad reputation in this field is a horrible thing to carry.  Remember the best and worst kind of advertising is word of mouth.

I’ve heard many people tell me once I’ve told them that I work in Real Estate how horrible their experience was and how they have told their friends, family members, co-workers..  Remember when you are dealing with your Clients, you are also dealing with their people. Make the difference!

You want your Clients to say they made the Right Choice!

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About the author

Jocelyne is a graduate from Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology with diplomas in both Business Administration Accounting Applied and Office Administration Executive. She is bilingual in both French and English. Jocelyne has worked in a few different industries in her career, however, the majority of her accounting/office administration career has been spent for 17 years in the Real Estate world as a Bookkeeper/Office Manager.

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