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TOP 5 Reasons to MOVE to Welland Ontario

What are the TOP 5 Reasons to MOVE to Welland Ontario? Great question! Keep watching for all the reasons why you should, but first, where the heck is Welland located?

Welland is a forward thinking city with their eyes on the future and is in the middle of the Niagara Region. When you are in Welland, you are basically no more than 30 minutes away from anywhere else in the Region and bordering on 5 different municipalities including Niagara Falls, Fonthill, Fort Erie, Wainfleet and Port Colborne!

Welland is the 3rd most populated city in Niagara Region with approximately 53,000 people and even landed as 15th on Canada’s Best Communities in 2021 by Maclean’s! Which leads me to the 1st reason why you should move to Welland!

TOP 5 Reasons to MOVE to Welland Ontario

Number 5: Recreation & Leisure

It is impossible to even think of Welland and not think of the Welland Canal! The Welland Canal is a great spot to go swimming, host of many different rowing events including the Welland Dragon Boat Festival, is used for skating in the Winter AND ice fishing and the paths along the Welland Canal area are great to get all kind of exercise with a view!

How are we going to talk about the Welland Canal without talking about the Guinness World Record achieved at the annual Float Fest held on the Welland Canal! This 3 day event is a fun time for families during the day with lots of good music at night! In 2017 Welland got the Guiness World Record for longest line of water inflatables which has since been broken but was done in a pool! Weak sauce!

The Welland Canal runs right through Meritt Island where there is a loop trail that is about 6 kilometers long! I have personally biked and walked this trail, but just seems like the perfect spot to go rollerblading!

Chippawa Park and surrounding area is a great spot in Welland! The community is well established in this area and the park has a baseball diamond, beach volleyball courts, a pond great for skating in the Winter, a hill that the kids love sledding down in the Winter time as well!

There is even are hidden lawn bowling rinks, and if you look hard enough you might find some hidden geocaches! And I literally just learned that you can rent out the Community Hall there for your next family reunion or any party at an affordable price! Might just have to throw a Top Fan Party here!

A great spot for the family is Jeff’s Bowlorama! I have been here for more birthday parties than I can count and have lots of great times here! There is league bowling for the competitive bowlers or just come here on a Friday night with the gang and have a good time!

TOP 5 Reasons to MOVE to Welland Ontario

Number 4: Amenities

The Welland Hospital was built in 1909 and still serves most of Southern Niagara. Welland Hospital is there centre for cataract surgeries and has 239 active beds plus 75 long term care beds.

Even though the Seaway Mall is not thriving like it once was, the Seaway Mall is still a hot spot to go shopping in Welland. Anchor stores here are Staples, Sport Chek, People’s Jewelry, Shopper’s Drug Mart, and the revamped Cinnoplex Movie Theatre!

There is no shortage of schools in Welland! With a mix of public, Catholic and French schools there are about 18 elementary schools, 5 high schools and even Niagara College of Canada that offers a WIDE range of diplomas! Heck, I even obtained a Post Grad from there! 

Being from the country I am not well experienced with public transit (I used to take a tractor to school) but have recently discovered that even Welland has an app for their public transit! You can look up routes, and stop times! Super convenient if you ask me! You can plan your trip, jump on and off a bus at many stops throughout the city and can even head down to Port Colborne!

One of my favourite parts of Welland is THE FOOD! Welland has a lot of great spots to go for some really good eats! From Italian, French, Asian, Greek, a bunch of breakfast spots and you will definitely not go thirsty or have a hard time finding a place to watch the game! What is THE BEST food in Welland? Stick around to find out!

Talking about food, the Welland Farmer’s Market is open Saturday’s from 7:30am to noon with a bunch of local farmers and vendors! With indoor spots available, there are vendors all year round here! A great spot to come and get fresh produce and support local!

TOP 5 Reasons to MOVE to Welland Ontario

Number 3: Pizza!

Welland is known around the entire Region for their Pizza! The ratio of mom and pop Pizza places that serve really good Pizza is up there! If you poll the city of Welland, you will get about 10 or 11 different responses for people’s favourite Pizza shops! And even can hear the same person pick a different spot depending on the night of the week!

My Top 3 favourite Pizzas in Welland are: Number three on the list is Antonio’s Pizza! They are easy to miss even at a high traffic intersection and are hidden in plain sight inside the Prince Charles Pizza! This Pizza is top shelf and the love can be tasted in this pie! If Pizza was zero calories, I’d eat here WAY more often!

Next up is Mario’s Place, which is downtown Charlie Brown! This Pizza is the most unique looking Pizza in Welland. The delicious sauce is a deep red and is the 1st thing you will see when you open the box!

Luciano’s Pizzeria on Crowland Avenue in Welland is my favourite Pizza in Welland! Serving up a Pizza with fresh and high quality ingredients! This greasy wheel is not the cheapest option in Welland, but it is my favourite!

TOP 5 Reasons to MOVE to Welland Ontario

Number 2: Vision of the City

Welland definitely has their eyes on the future! As they should! Welland has undergone lots of changes over the years! I remember growing up where it seemed like half the dads worked for factories in Welland.

Today, there are far less factories in Welland than there once was. Back in the day there were lots of factories including John Deere, Atlas Steel, Lakeside Steel, Stelpipe, and a bunch more! This was a time during the Industrial Age, where thousands of people were employed. A time that has come and gone.

Welland went through a long time of uncertainty and almost felt like there was a grey cloud floating over the city. Not today! Today, Welland has their eyes on the prize! Welland is open for business and welcomes it! There is a ton of development going on in Welland! Residential growth with thousands of new homes being built! New businesses, even opening a new factory for the first time in years! Originally was a GE plant and is now a INNIO plant!

TOP 5 Reasons to MOVE to Welland Ontario

Number 1: Affordability! 

The price of Real Estate has been on an upward trend for a while now, but you can still find yourself some well priced Real Estate in Welland. Currently the average price for a home in Welland is $606,000 which is fair priced considering Fonthill is right next door with much higher prices!

With over 23,000 households, Welland has been undergoing a lot of development and you will not have a hard time finding new housing developments in Welland. Welland is a great city to crack into the Real Estate market with a lot of economically priced homes on the other side of the canal.

If you are thinking of moving or have ANY questions at all about Welland, hit me up and I’m more than happy to help! Learn why Wainfleet and Port Colborne are also great cities in Niagara!

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