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Top 5 Reasons To Move To Port Colborne Ontario

What are the Top 5 Reasons to move to Port Colborne Ontario? Let’s 1st talk about where the heck is Port Colborne?!

Port Colborne is in the Southern part of the Niagara Region bordering Lake Erie. It’s about 25 minutes to Buffalo. 30 minutes to Niagara Falls and 90 minutes away from GTA. Port Colborne is a small city that has a population of nearly 19,000 people which leads me to the 1st reason why you should move to Port Colborne!

Number 5: Small Town Livin

Port Colborne really has a community feel and this is because of the great people of this city and how quaint the down town is and all the little unique, locally owned shops. You’re gonna find WAY MORE mom and pop shops than big box stores in Port Colborne!

There are also some really great eating and restaurants! You will not go hungry in Port Colborne! From some of the finest wood oven Pizza, to International cuisine, Mexican food, Greek and some really amazing and creative bar foods.

What could be more small town that your very own local Farmers Market! Port Colborne’s Farmer Market runs from May to October and has over 30 local farmers and vendors where you can get yourself fresh, local produce, cheese, bread, meats, grab a bite to eat on the spot or take home everything you need to make one of the best sandwiches of your life!

Number 4: Amenities 

Being a small town it is very reassuring having their very own hospital! The hospital serves the community very well. The urgent care Centre is well utilized, and there are palliative beds that allow families to bring their loved ones “home” or back to their community in the final stage of life. They offer extraordinary care to all their inpatients.

An amazing highlight in Port Colborne is the Vale Health and Wellness Centre built in 2013! This facility features 2 NHL sized hockey rinks, an indoor walking track, gym with all kinds of workout equipment and even a pool! 

There is mix of public and Catholic schools with 2 highschools and 8 grades schools. For a small city, there sure are lots of options for education with different concentrations to help students with their desired needs.

Something that I find really amazing is that Port Colborne piggy backs off of Welland Transit and has public transportation with bussing.

Also spread out throughout the city are all these amazing little parks and even the historic HH Knoll park that is so amazing being a waterfront park! The park has a playground and splash pad for the kids, rose garden, pavilions! This is a great spot to bring the kids, have a picnic, play in the park and catch a concert during Canal Days at the outdoor stage!

Number 3: Leisure and Recreation 

For such a small city, there is A LOT to do in Port Colborne!

Out the gate is Humberstone Speedway! And If you’re a racing fan then you’re in luck… Just outside of town is Humberstone Speedway, a 3/8 mile dirt oval track that holds races every Sunday night. Stock cars, sprint cars, trucks, and even the occasional demolition race!

For more entertainment you can catch a live show at the Showboat Festival Theatre. Here you can catch a play, share some laughs with friends and even enjoy an adult beverage on intermission!

If you enjoy the outdoors you can tour the Friendship Trail that stretches 16 kilometers all the way to Fort Erie! With low crime rates in Port Colborne, feel safe walking, yogging or biking along this trail! 

If you prefer hiking, a great local spot is Mud Lake Conservation Area that features 2 “lakes” and backing onto the Welland Canal. While taking a 20 minute or up to a 1 hour hike you just might spot a rare bird like a bald eagle!

And if you like to whack the ball around you can definitely find some golf in Port Colborne! Whisky Run has 27 holes where you can test your game with trees, water and might even catch some wild life!

Number 2: Welcome to Value Town!

Out of the whole Niagara Region you will find some of the best priced homes in Port Colborne! Currently with an average home value of about $625,000 your dollar will stretch farther here than almost everywhere else in Niagara!

Even in a small town you can find yourself some Luxury with some beautiful homes along the Lake or the West end where there is new construction featuring some of Niagara’s best boutique builders.

On the East end is where you will find some homes that are some of the most affordable this side of the border all the way past Toronto! Definitely a way to get yourself into the Real Estate market!

Most of the homes are in nice little neighbhourhoods where you are your neighbhour Wilson can chat over the fence.

Number 1: Water Lifestyle

Living in Port Colborne means you have many ways to enjoy the water! Lake Erie connects the Welland Canal that runs all the way through Port Colborne from South to North. 

Along Lake Erie is Nickel Beach is still the only beach in Niagara that I know of where you can still drive your car right onto the beach! You can park your boat at the Port Colborne marina before you head out into Lake Erie to catch some perch or even some of the best walleye Niagara has to offer! 

One of the greatest events of the year is held in Port Colborne, Canal Days! Canal Days is a 3 day event where there are tons of food vendors, concerts, unique ships travelling through the canal and you won’t have to follow your nose too far to find people barbequing and enjoying OV’s in all kinds of backyards! And to top it all off, Canal Days is not Canal Days without the fireworks!

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