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Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd. Brokerage
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What Dylan Thinks of Kevin Murphy’s Services

Dylan bought his first home with Kevin Murphy, years later he wanted to sell his home and reached out to Kevin for help!✅

Kevin came and did a Listing Preview, then he hit the Research 🔬 Lab and crunched the numbers to come up with his Suggested List Price!📊

Kevin spends up to 12 hours coming up with his Comparative Market Analysis, this isn’t just tossing a dart at the wall. 🎯

How long did Dylan’s home take to sell?
How many offers did it get? Watch his review to find out!

Thinking about selling? We can help!
Click Here: https://rightchoice.ca/selling-real-estate/

About the author

Right Choice Happenings Realty is located in Wainfleet Ontario providing Niagara Real Estate services to the surrounding area. We take each and every Buyer and Seller we work with seriously not matter the size of the home. Ready to make the Right Choice? Let's go!

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