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Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd. Brokerage
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Running a Real Estate Brokerage in a HOT Market

The Real Estate Market is still hot but have we started to see a more balanced market start to unfold? Kevin Murphy gives us a update on his perspective from the Listing Side.

Joe Gonzalez continues to mentor brand new Realtor Veronica Thompson on the Buying side. How is the training going, is she learning how to become a successful Realtor and finally has she closed any deals yet?

Frank Biggins from Biggins Landscaping is back putting up drywall in the Right Choice Bullpen Media room, will he finish the job? Watch to find out!

In this Episode
0:00 The State of the Niagara Real Estate Market
0:30 Mentorship Update on Veronica Thompson
0:40 Making an Offer on Brand New Build
0:56 Veronica’s Perspective on Mentorship
1:28 Zoom Call with Buyers
2:04 Listing Side Update from Kevin Murphy
2:20 Kevin Describes his Recent Listings
2:50 Frank Biggins Bullpen Renovation Drywalling Completion
4:24 New Build Offer Update

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