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Running a Real Estate Brokerage in 2021

Can you believe some Real Estate Brokerages are still not using digital banking to move funds around during a transaction? We were shocked, the pandemic should have moved the needle for all of us, yet some still are holding on to outdated methods!

Joe Gonzalez works on trying to send funds to another Brokerage who will ONLY accept paper cheques, he learns that the rules for sending and receiving funds are not the same!

Kacey Cook is busy showing Buyers Colton and Emily (who recently did a video review) a home that checks off all their wants, will they be able to get an accepted offer?

Kevin Murphy is out doing another CMA, he spends up to 12 hours compiling the data to ensure the most accurate suggest list price. Will the Sellers like the number he has come up with?

Frank Biggins is back at RCHQ Bullpen to put up the last wall before they start to frame in around the furnace. He suggests the addition of a wet bar which would be nice for the Team to make coffee and lunch!

In This Episode
0:00 Why is Real Estate stuck in the PAST?
0:40 Showing homes to Buyers
1:25 Writing an Offer to Buy
3:05 CMA Presentation
4:09 Bullpen Reno
5:41 Dealing with Outdated Brokerages

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