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Removing Bad Tenant Before Listing

Listing a home with a tenant is difficult, listing a home with a bad tenant is a nightmare! This week Joe Gonzalez and Kevin Murphy try and persuade the tenant to vacate the house before it’s listed!

Kacey Cook is busy showing Buyers homes all across the Niagara Region but today is looking at one for herself. This would be her first investment property, will she be able to get it?

Kevin’s latest listing has taken the market by storm, this is the effect of a Sellers market and Kevin’s savvy Listing Pricing which he does for all his listings! So far, the house has 80 showings booked, needless to say this one is going to go for over asking!

Frank Biggins is back at HQ, he is getting all the HVAC set up and installing a fan for the new bathroom, he also plays a prank on Joe. Will Joe fall for the prank, watch to find out!

If you are currently in school to become a Realtor it’s never too early to start investigating which Real Estate Brokerage is right for you. Isabella Chavez recently reached out to Joe about learning more about what Right Choice has to offer.

In this Episode
0:00 Heading to Potential Listing
0:26 Kevin’s New Listing is on FIRE!
1:16 Kacey looks at Investment Property for Herself
2:43 Speaking with Tenant at Potential Listing
3:40 Frank continues work on the Bullpen
4:43 Third Attempt Speaking with Tenant
5:22 Joe gets Pranked!
6:48 Realtor in School Isabella, Visits RCHQ

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