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Real Estate Commission Facts

Real Estate Commission Facts

Commission percent is the tool that most brokerages will use to attract new Realtors to their Real Estate Brokerage, these are the real estate commission facts.

When in school Realtors are told to shop around and negotiate high percent for commission.

So my question to any and all Realtors. What do you bring to the table in exchange for that percent? 

It’s a two-way street, right?

I have seen over my career in Real Estate where a Realtor will negotiate a high split. Yet they have sold very minimally or not at all.  They have yet to develop the tools to become a great Realtor but expect high yields from the Brokerages they decide to join, but do they?

What is 90% of $0.00? These are Real Estate Commission Facts!

That is what unfortunately happens a lot of the time.  Without the additional skill set that you learn at a Brokerage, should they give you training, you may make one or two sales, over a period of time, but at the end of the day, how much are you really making?

Did you meet your contract expectations, especially if you are on a graduated split?  Do you owe that Brokerage the right to expect you to meet the levels of the contract signed? After all, you sold them the fact that you are worth 90%.

It’s easy to say, I’ll just get another job to supplement my income as a Realtor, but then, when do you have time to meet your contractual obligations to your Brokerage if you don’t work full time? Or to your clients?

What if you joined a Brokerage that gave you mentoring until you became that confident Realtor?  

No not 90%! The percent of commission would be lower than the others, but the skill set that you would learn would make sure that eventually, you could and would make a lot of sales because you would learn the skills that are not taught in school and at times not in the other brokerages. 

Some Brokerages offer the high split but little more than that with minimal or no support, yet the fees are high.

A challenge to all new, somewhat new and experienced Realtor, is to look at what you have accomplished so far in your Real Estate career.  Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished? 

What about if you are in school to become a Realtor, are you ready to step out on your own?

Would this type of Brokerage interest you?

Have you exceeded your expectations? Do you know how to set expectations?   Are you stuck on the 90% of $0.00?

Know how to get your leads?

How to follow thru?

Able to market yourself?

Run your business as a business?

Follow the rules of Real Estate from each governmental agency?

We have the formula at Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd. and Joe Gonzalez and his team are ready and willing to mentor you!  You ask, will it take a long time to make some decent income? Absolutely not, we have proven it already. 

So let the 90% of $0.00 go and start building your Real Estate business with skills that will serve you for your whole career while pushing your expectations to new levels while making a living at it. 

Are you ready for change? Contact us today and we will be happy to have a discussion with you.  


About the author

Jocelyne is a graduate from Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology with diplomas in both Business Administration Accounting Applied and Office Administration Executive. She is bilingual in both French and English. Jocelyne has worked in a few different industries in her career, however, the majority of her accounting/office administration career has been spent for 17 years in the Real Estate world as a Bookkeeper/Office Manager.

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