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Overcoming Past Obstacles Creating Content

Our weekly meeting is becoming more dialed in, Jillian Boutin explains how she likes the new format and thinks it’s more efficient ✅ Each week Jillian feels like she is getting to know everyone better, on a more personal level not just ReAL Estate level.

The content publication is still feeling a little overwhelming, Jillian only used a couple platforms. Since then she has opened her accounts up from being private to completely public. She has started to receive some interesting comments and DMs, she has found the BLOCK button but she has also connected with many new friends❗️

All of the Team Members have started to post long format personal life stories on their feeds, she comments how Bryan Joshuah was more reserved the first week and has started to open up and come out of his shell. Each week he is getting stronger and stronger, while Jill says she feels she is getting better in these videos ✅

What’s it like being an outspoken person in real life but not able to translate that to video content creation❓ Jillian attributes this to being able to overcome things that she has dealt with in her past and just get used to doing it❗️

Being very comfortable in your own skin, in real life is easy for Jillian, she isn’t afraid to put herself out there and doesn’t care what people think. Why has she not been able to take that to the video realm❓ She thinks she is dealing with some insecurities, and really is having a hard time wrapping her head around this creation block 🛑

Seeing people like Jocelyne and Bryan come out of their shells and shine on camera is really motivating Jillian to take the next step. It is her time to do it, she is ready to take the plunge❗️

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