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Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd. Brokerage
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New Lead to Listing in Hot Sellers Market

Listing your home in this CRAZY 🔥 HOT Sellers market can be fast and furious, this week Kevin Murphy gets a new listing lead and shows us the process of getting the home on the market.

Veronica Thompson has completed her hours working side by side with Joe Gonzalez and is now ready to start trading. She begins her journey by making calls to all of her friends to catch up and see if anyone is ready to Real Estate with her!

Frank Biggins from Biggins Landscaping is back at Right Choice Happenings Realty in Wainfleet Ontario to continue the bullpen renovations. If everything stays on schedule he should be ready to start drywalling soon.

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In This Episode
0:00 Intro
0:18 New Realtor Begins Trading
1:16 Listing Preview
2:03 Bullpen Renovations
2:35 CMA Presentation
3:36 Bullpen Renovations
4:12 New Listing?

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