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Leveling UP Content Creation

We all use social media, you’re seeing this post, right❓ Jillian Boutin reveals what it is like to take your social media game from your standard meme & pet posting to the next level ✅

Putting yourself out there, dealing with the nerves and the thought of what people going to think are not easy to overcome. Jill has started to see the support from her friends, family and people she doesn’t really talk to in real life which really helps motivate her to keep opening up💡

Now that Jillian has started to talk about being in Real Estate School she has been actively recruited to other Brokerages 😮 She admits this is not something she is used to having happen, being a bartender for many years job offers have not come from the content she has been posting in the past 🚀

Learn how to use all the different social media platforms is a daunting task, Jillian has never used LinkedIN or Twitter before and is having a hard time with the latter. Being able to overcome these growing pains is something that she knows is important to solve. She admits she does not take no as an answer, often🤣

Course 1 has been finished, Jillian is now waiting to take her exam. She can not wait to start course 2, which brings up a good point. What took her so long to start the schooling❓ She has been talking to Joe Gonzalez about becoming a ReALtor since 2019❗️

Like many of us, we tend to allow trivial life events get in the way of reaching our goals. Jillian explains how she regrets not starting this sooner, she was so worried about her social life that she did not make the commitment to herself to get started ✅

Goals, we all need them. This week Jillian sets some high goals of content creation, she has committed to posting at least 7 unique pictures of her with people on ALL her social accounts. Will she be able to meet her goals❓

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