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Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd. Brokerage
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Everything at Right Choice is Different

The weekly Team Meetings are always improving, Kevin Murphy enjoys the intensity! Having the entire team behind you helps motivate Kevin, he says “if you don’t do your shit, you’re getting called on it””

This week, Jocelyne LaBreche VP of Finance brought up some mistakes Joe Gonzalez, Broker of Record had made. Having the Broker of Record getting called out in front of the entire team is not common in the Real Estate Industry.

Kevin says he was not shocked at this development, everything here at Right Choice has been different to what he was used to. For example, on his 1st listing with RC Joe (Broker of Record) showed up and filmed a video with him. That’s never happened to Kevin before.

Also, it was just Joe’s birthday and he posted a picture of himself sitting at the table with a birthday cake in his birthday suit. That’s not something you see very often from other Broker of Records!

Kevin loves working closely with Joe, right now they are in full 1 on 1 mentorship mode. They met each other on the local Caravan tour where Realtors from all different companies meet up and tour their listings.

The biggest shock to Kevin was how organized and analytical Joe is, so much more than he would have ever thought! How much would other RC Team members benefit by shadowing Joe on the regular? Kevin says they would be learning a lot more way faster!

However, he is not upset he is the only one working daily with Joe. This enables Kevin to absorb everything Joe has to offer! The Bullpen in the basement is being built out, what does Kevin think?

He has seen the concepts for the Boardroom table being built by Malcolm from Fonthill Mill Company and thinks it looks great! The layout is perfect for the style of Brokerage Right Choice is. The atmosphere is going to be a lot of fun and will make working long hours a breeze!

How has Kevin’s eating and sleeping been going lately? Watch the video to find out!

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