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Everyone Makes Mistakes ReALity TV Episode 4

The Right Choice Headquarters basement bullpen construction continues! Malcolm from Fonthill Mill Company visits RCHQ to see the space for himself and get some inspiration for his boardroom table that he is building from scratch.

Joe has given Malcolm complete control over the process and trusts that he will design and craft something that will look amazing in the newly constructed space. Malcolm grew up in Wainfleet, so Joe has no doubt he has good taste.

One of the most important parts of selling your home is the price. The way a Realtor comes up with the listing price is very important. Joe takes much pride in his Comparative Market Analysis better known as the CMA. Kevin Murphy and Joe work on one together for the first time.

The crew continues the mudding and boxing downstairs while Joe and Kevin grind up in the office during a rainy day in Wainfleet. As luck has it the power goes out during the storm. Joe takes this spot to head over to Meridian Credit Union to deposit some funds. Joe remarks that this part of being Broker of Record is not one of his strong suits!

The weekly Right Choice Team Meeting welcomed back Jocelyne LaBreche, who was ready to continue passing on her wisdom. All the team comments that this week’s meeting was even better than the last weeks!

One of the factors in growing this startup is that everyone is learning, even Joe, the Broker of Record and Owner of Right Choice Happenings Realty. Jocelyne makes sure to call Joe out in front of the entire team on something he forgot to do this week.

What does the team think about this style of transparency? Is it a good thing that even Joe is not immune to making mistakes and having them put on the table at these meetings? Watch this week’s episode to find out!

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