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Dealing With Shady Tenants

Things don’t always go as planned when you’re dealing with listing a home with shady tenants. Joe Gonzalez and Kevin Murphy visit a property they’re planning on listing soon to see if the tenant is going to be moved out by the agreed upon date.

Kevin is at his newest listing, one that he really wishes he could have bought for himself! It’s sitting on almost 5 acres of land with a MASSIVE garage that measures 226’x60′ 😲 Ready to see for yourself? Click the link below!

💲Price📍Location 📸 Pictures 🎬Tour: http://bit.ly/WainfleetLandandShop

Kacey Cook is at the final walkthrough of a home her Buyers are about to close on, she is there with Right Choice Prospect Veronica Thompson. Will they find anything wrong with the house or will it be ready for it’s new owners?

Frank Biggins is back working in the bullpen expansion, this time he is adding even more electrical outlets on top of the tons Joe has already asked for. Will they ever be able to move onto the next stage or will Joe continue to ask for more outlets?

In this Episode
0:00 Intro
0:16 New Listing
0:55 Final Walkthrough
1:47 Dealing with Tenant
2:35 Working on CMA’s
3:37 Renovations

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