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Channeling Your Competitive Nature For Real Estate

Jillian Boutin explains how she wants to “grab it” at all times, she’s referring to when new leads come into the RC pipeline 😉 she is extremely eager to get started in Real Estate Happenings❗️

When it came to Jills thoughts on the open talk about each Team Members wins and loses she thinks it should 💯 percent be out there, you need to know what you’re good and and what you need to work on❗️

Does she agree with this type of open meeting transparency❓ She explains how she feels it is key 🔑 knowing what you’re doing correctly❗️ Jillian is not a fan of having smoke blown up your ass and not focusing on improving your weaknesses ✅

After watching some of the RC Team open up on long video format it was time for Jillian to press 🎥 record and tell her story. Without any preparation she got to it right in her bedroom, opening up like she has never done before 😮

What was it like putting herself out there for the public to see❓ Not knowing what to expect, Jillian says she is perceived as a strong women, always the life of the party🎉 She received ZERO negative feedback, not one single person❗️

What Jillian did encounter was a TON of support, tons of positive comments poured in ✅ The outcome of this first video is reassuring to her and she thinks she will continue to create more personal videos in the weeks and months to come❗️

What was it like seeing the systems the licensed Team Members are using❓ Jillian explains she did not even know they existed and is excited to continue to learn how they work💡 She now understand the processes we have been showing her in terms of her social media approach and how they are a foreshadow of the future 🚀

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