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Buying a Home in Today’s Hot Market

Buying a home in today’s hot market is not easy, Kacey Cook this week has the pleasure of doing a final walkthrough for some of her Buyers! Anything can happen at these, will this house pass the test?

Since starting Right Choice Joe Gonzalez has taken pride in mentoring all the Team Members that have walked through the door. He is now working with Veronica Thompson who is fresh out of Realtor school and now in the Right Choice prospect training program.

When thinking about Buying a home, the first step is getting a pre-approval. Kacey Cook sits down with local Mortgage Broker Sherri Vinga to discuss the importance of getting a pre-approval and some tips to Buying a home from her perspective.

Kevin Murphy is out at a Listing Preview Appointment in Port Colborne, he will get a tour of the home from the potential Sellers and take notes. After the appointment Kevin will hit the Research Lab and spend 8 to 12 hours working on his Comparative Market Analysis.

Frank Biggins is back to run wires to all the new rooms in the Bullpen Expansion project. This stage of the renovations is not something Frank has ever done before so he will just rough the wires in and have the Electrician come and make the final connections.

In This Episode
0:00 Intro
0:20 New RC Prospect 1st Day
1:55 Mortgage Broker Sit Down
3:43 Listing Preview Appointment
4:33 Bullpen Renovations
5:15 Final Walkthrough

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