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Khol Curtis

Sales Representative


About Khol

Experienced Real Estate Sales Representative with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Customer Satisfaction, and Sales Management. 


Sales Representative, Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd. Brokerage
Sales Representative, Revel Realty
Professional Driver

Khol Khappenings!

Rebounding From Weak Performance Last Week

This is starting to be a common theme, Khol Curtis says this week’s meeting was better than last week! The meetings are getting more in-depth and he is learning more about his fellow Team Members. Right Choice Happenings ReALty VP of Finance Jocelyne LaBreche was back in attendance this week. Khol describes what it was...
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Prioritizing Personal Life and Real Estate Business

If you have never owned your own business, you have no idea what it’s like trying to manage your time. Many people think you are always FREE to drop everything and help them out! Khol Curtis explains what it is like having to prioritize personal life and being a ReALtor! Khol is always there for...
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Not Letting Mistakes Define Your Future

This pandemic ⚠️ has effected everyone different ways, from the lockdown to the slowing down of Real Estate Khol’s take away is not letting mistakes define your future❗️ As a result, the temptation to let things slide when business slows down is always there. This past few months is no exception for Khol Curtis. In...
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Perspective from a Real Estate Buying Agent

Khol Curtis absolutely loves helping people find their next (or first) home❗️ There is a ton of moving parts when you are searching for your next forever home, Khol explains the process ✅ Whenever you decide to become a home owner having Khol by your side is a definite advantage. Not only does his service...
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Opening Up Through Video Content

The 1st RightChoice Sales Representative Khol Curtis is definitely noticing all the hard work the new recruits and Kevin Murphy are doing ✅ Khol talks about a video he recently published where he opened up and talked about his life journey, this is not something he has ever done. He explains how he is an...
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Achieving Goals and Pushing Limits

This past week Khol Curtis has had a few Real Estate deals close for buyers and he has noticed the upward ⬆️ trajectory in the content production here at RightChoice ✅ Another major accomplishment for Khol this past week was going on a bike ride from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Port Colborne, Ontario with a...
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Khol Curtis ReALity TV Pilot

Being the first to join something new takes courage, Khol Curtis has shown he not only has courage but he has the willingness to learn and develop his skills❗️ Has it been a smooth ride since joining RightChoice❓ Of course not, there will always be bumps in the road but one thing is certain Khol...
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Why live in St. Catharines Ontario

Khol Curtis loves the Niagara Region and today he takes us on a tour of the City of St. Catharines❗️ Locations visited 📍 Montebello Park Brock University St. Catharines Market Square OddBird. Meridian Centre Morningstar Mill If you are thinking about making the move to St. Catharines❓This amazing city has everything you could ever need❗️...
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Why live in Welland Ontario

Considered moving to Welland, Ontario❓ Today, Khol Curtis shows you what the incredible City of Welland has to offer❗️ Welland locations Khol visits📍 Welland Bridge 13 Merritt Island Welland Notre Dame College School The Black Sheep- Lounge & Coffee Roasters Holy Name Catholic Elementary School Welland-Crowland War Memorial Ross School Parent Council M.T. Bellies Eastdale...
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