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Jocelyne Labreche

Vice President of Finance

About Jocelyne

Jocelyne is a graduate from Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology with diplomas in both Business Administration Accounting Applied and Office Administration Executive. She is bilingual in both French and English. Jocelyne has worked in a few different industries in her career, however, the majority of her accounting/office administration career has been spent for 17 years in the Real Estate world as a Bookkeeper/Office Manager. 


Vice President of Finance, Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd., Brokerage
Bookkeeper/Office Manager, Century 21 Today Realty Ltd., Brokerage
Receptionist, Accounts Payable International, Assistant to Accounting Management, Eurocopter Canada Limited

Jocelyne's Happenings!

Helping Broker of Record Learn New Role

Back in RCHQ is Jocelyne LaBreche, she has been joining us virtually for the past few weeks. What does she think about the open, transparent meetings? She thinks they are great, however she does feel like there might be times when a solo meeting is required. What is it like working with Joe Gonzalez after...
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Finding Balance and Passion for Teaching

We have all been there, trying to find balance when things are hectic❗️ Jocelyne Labreche explains how she is working on staying focused while having a full time job, RightChoice and gardening🌻 If you have never put yourself out there, created content the first few videos you record and publish are never easy to watch❗️...
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Jocelyne Labreche ReALity TV Pilot

Building a startup❓ You better have a solid foundation if you plan on being successful ✅ Jocelyne Labreche, Vice President of Finance here at RightChoice is our last line of defense and critical Team Member ensuring our success❗️ She has been in the Real Estate Industry for almost 20 years and knows what it takes...
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