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Jillian Boutin

RC Recruit

About Jill

Jill has over 15 years of customer service, and although she is a graduate from trillium college in the IODA program (Intra Oral Dental Assisting), she has decided to take her customer service experience to the next level and started school at Humber College for role as a salesperson

Jill also grew up volunteering with her grandpa with the mentally challenged , help them play T-Ball and sledge hockey. She has always grown up with a caring and huge heart and to make people happy, so to get into real estate to make peoples dreams come true and happy was an easy decision for her

Once registered, she looks forward to assisting buyers and sellers find their dream home, and work with them efficiently

She is very outgoing, energetic, knowledgeable ,patient and will do everything to help out the buyers/sellers

Please note: Jill is not yet licensed nor registered to trade in Real Estate and will not be involved in any aspect of trading until licensed.


Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd. Brokerage Recruit
trillium college graduate (IODA Program)
kullys original sports bar-bartender
lakeshore catholic highschool

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Jillian Boutin ReALity TV Pilot

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