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Bryan Driscoll

RC Recruit

About Bryan

In 2019, Bryan made the decision to further his education and get on the path to a career better suited to his strengths and talents.

Bryan is currently being mentored by Joe Gonzalez (Broker of Record at Right Choice Happenings Realty) and is enrolled in the Humber College Real Estate Salesperson Program, working diligently on becoming a registered Salesperson.

Bryan learned respect and discipline at an early age during his 6 years in the cadet program where he was eventually awarded the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence.

He is a safe and responsible firearms owner and is a volunteer and advocate for such here in Canada.

Being knowledgable and accountable is vital, and he is great at dealing with the public and is committed to hard work.

Once registered soon, he looks forward to assisting buyers and sellers and understands the importance to be competent and conscientious with what is usually the most significant sale/purchase of your life.

He is naturally very amicable, professional, and will provide nothing short of upstanding service.

Please note: Bryan is not yet licensed nor registered to trade in Real Estate and as such, is not, and will not yet be involved in any aspect of trading activity.


Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd. Recruit
Machine Operator, Indexable Cutting Tools Inc.
Port Colborne High School

Knowing You Have Made the Correct Decision

As a Right Choice Recruit, Bryan Driscoll likes seeing Broker of Record Joe Gonzalez get called out for making mistakes. At the last meeting Jocelyne LaBreche openly talked about Joe’s lackluster handling of paperwork. Bryan says that seeing this first hand lets him know he picked the right Brokerage. It lets him know that Joe...
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Building Business Foundations While In Real Estate School

After leaving tonight’s meeting Bryan Joshuah has a stronger motivation to continue filming and creating content! Putting yourself out there and opening up will help you grow❗️ During this weeks meeting Bryan yet again noticed that the intensity has increased. The discussions have gotten more in-depth and Bryan really likes the open discussion between all...
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Achieving Goals While Pushing Limits

Last week Bryan Joshuah set a personal goal for himself of being ACTIVE for at least an hour each day, was he able to achieve this goal❓ Putting yourself out there is never easy, Bryan recently released a video that he recorded after riding his bike and was super tired. He did not even want...
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Practice Makes Perfect

Getting in front of the camera is not something Bryan Joshuah has done much in his life, now that he is part of RightChoice that has changed ✅ Still working full time while in Real Estate school takes up a lot of time, Bryan stumbled on some great video content on YouTube by Lisa Mark....
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Bryan Driscoll ReALity TV Pilot

Making a massive career change is not something everyone is willing to do, Bryan Joshuah is not like everyone❗️ Bryan brings a whole new perspective to the RightChoice Team, not only is he a Machine Operator at a Machine shop he is also a believer in personal rights and freedoms✌️ Bryan is about halfway done...
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